Client's Testimonials

  • Good day, My name is Michelle and I have come across your magical line of Shea Butter products recently.I am the manager of the Durham Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic in Oshawa, ON. I would like to inquire about becoming a distributor of Maiga products, as I believe in them so much. I would love to share them with our clients.  We offer rehabilitation/wellness services and believe that we can work together.  Many of your products can help our clients, such as, I just noticed your nimm oil, which our foot clients can benefit from and we have many with arthritis and muscle pain.  I would love to know more about opening an account and offering your wonderful line of products in our clinic. There is only one other source in Oshawa.  Can you please supply me with the details.  Thank you and enjoy your day!
       Kind Regards,
        Michelle Sophie
         Clinic Manager   August 23rd 2016


  • Maiga, I just want to say that I am so glad I am able to order this with you, I was concerned I would not be able to purchase this wonderful product again.. I live in the sates so I am not in Toronto often.. I have used Shea butter before for my legs and arms which have severe dryness and excema especially in the winter... When you said it was pure shea butter I decided to try it and it was fantastic.. But the best part was when you said I could use MAIGA Shea butter with Aloe Vera on my face.. I was very hesitant since I break out with everything on my face and I was spending lots of  $$$$ on different products with no results.. I am 53 and starting to get definant lines and wrinkles and was desperate.. I decided to try it and I am telling you, my skin is so soft and smooth, never feels dry and I look ten yrs younger.. The wrinkles and fine line are dimished and I was told last week I look 35... I am so happy with this and the best part is it cost less than $15 a jar......... Happy New Year......Linda - 30. Dec 08
  • Hi, I bought a jar of your Shea Butter and Olive Oil at the Beaches Fest this summer and really like it.
    I’m pregnant and as you promised I don’t have any stretch marks :-) Are you selling at St-Lawrence market? I need a new jar. Thank you,
    Vicky - 31. Oct 08
  • Maiga, My mother and I bought two canisters of MAIGA shea butter (the pure and the aloe vera) from you a few months ago at Union Station. I've finished my pure shea butter and I am seeing now the differences in my skin since I have not been using it. How can I purchase some more/where can I find your AMAZING shea butter?
    Andrea. - 16. Oct 08
  • Super good for my aging feet. Nor more burning.
    6. Jan 08
  • I find that MAIGA Shea Butter is great on rough, chapped skin. We use it all the time, but especially in winter.
    John P. - 5. Jan 08
  • My best use of MAIGA Shea Butter is after shaving and before going out for a walk. Not only does it protect my neck and face, it moisturizes well. It actually seems to increase my skins elasticity.
    Ian B. - 5. Jan 08
  • Very good for skin. Basically I used it on my hands.
    A. C. - 7. Jan 08
  • This cream is absolutely amazing. I recommend it to anyone who has sensitive hands. Keep up selling the cream. Thanks.
    Judra - 12. Jan 08
  • MAIGA Shea Butter helps make my scalp, feet and the whole other parts of my body smoother. I will recommend it to everybody to use it.
    19. Jan 08

    19. Jan 08


  • Excellent Product!
    19. Jan 08
  • We bought the MAIGA Shea Butter with Olive Oil. I use it on my hands, allthough my husband prefers to use it all over his body. This is a great product and we have since bought another type, which is a healing bar, for my mother-in-law. Thanks to the MAIGA Shea Butter Man for introducing us to this great product.
    26. Jan 08


  • I have been using MAIGA Shea Butter with Lemongrass for about 3 weeks and it is wonderful. Smells lovely!
    26. Jan 08


  • I use it to clean my face and find that id makes it soft and does not dry it out.
    1. Feb 08


  • Excellent for feet - the best thing ever. Thanks
    Kevin - 1. Feb 08
  • Prior to using MAIGA Pure Shea Butter, no other moisturizer worked for me. With MAIGA, I apply liberal amounts on my face, lips, hands, feet, practically all over my body on an everyday basis. Great Product.
    Kathy - 13. Feb 08
  • Works wonderfully on your skin. Great for the entire family.
    Vivienne - 15. Feb 08
  • MAIGA Shea Butter is truly awesome. I'm 63 and have very little wrinkles. Great as a moisturizer. No greasly feel - it soaks right into your skin!!
    Lynne C. - 24. May 08
  • My mother loves MAIGA Shea Butter with Aloe. I love the Shea with Lemon Grass.
    Kaitlin - 30. May 08
  • Great on my heels. Bought it last Tuesday.
    C.M. - 6. Jun 08
  • Love the texture and how my skin feels afterwards.
    E. R. - 7. Jun 08
  • Bought Maiga Pure Shea Butter in the St. Lawrence Market - great results on my feet/heels. Satisfied Customer
    Val - 5. Jul 08
  • I have been looking high and low for a moisturizing lip balm and now I've found the BEST in the MAIGA Shea Butter cream. Very soft to use on lips or any dry skin! Love it!
    Lisa C. - 14. Sep 08

  • Great on dry patches and doctor approved. Soothes persistent itch. Heals without medicinal ingredients. Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin types. Excellent & Perfect. Thank you.
    Anita Z. - 12. Jan 08
  • My teenage daughter has had very dry, itchy eyelids. She's in her first year at university and the dorm rooms are very dry. I've sent her all sorts of creams and nothing helped. I bought MAIGA Pure Shea Butter at the St. Lawrence Market and within days of trying it, her eyelids no longer were sore and red. The flaky skin went away as well.
    19. Jan 08
  • I am from NC and used to the humidity - Here in TO I use MAIGA Shea Butter for such dry skin - it's wonderful!! I have my mom (very dry skin) hooked on it as well. Face & Body - good for both!
    19. Jan 08
  • I am using MAIGA Pure Shea Butter under my eyes and my husband as well… He loves it! And my feet have been dry and cracked - And wow from the MAIGA Shea Butter they are smooth again!!
    19. Jan 08
  • I bought first jar before Christmas and started to use it on my hands and ellbows. MAIGA Shea Butter reversed extreme dryness and flakiness of the skin. I was impressed. I gave two jars to my friends and both of them are very happy with the results. Kristina had severe eczema for years. She called me to thank for the remedy because she was very pleased with the results. Henry claimed that MAIGA Shea Butter helped him and his elderly mother to soften dry skin and moisturize very dry areas! MAIGA Shea Butter is a gift of love! I love it, my friends love it! Thank you!
    Judith - 19. Jan 08
  • My husband is a potter and his hands are dry from the clay. The MAIGA Shea butter and olive oil is so good that he has taken my jar!
    26. Jan 08
  • For Rough spots - ellbows & heels - it works.
    C. - 11. Feb 08
  • It has been the only product I've found that has helped with my dry, cracked hands.
    13. Feb 08
  • My cuticles were really flakey and driesd out. After one week they returned to their normal state. Thanks MAIGA!
    26. Jul 08
  • I purchased a large jar of MAIGA Shea Butter with Aloe in September (At the St. Lawrence Market). I love the product, it is excellent, especially dry heels in the winter. I will definitely buy it again.
    A satisfied Customer - 18. Jan 09
  • I've been using 'MAIGA Shea Butter' on my skin and it's eliminated all dryness and flakiness on my entire body. I recently started using it as a moisturizer for my hair and I've been so impressed, I've recommended it to my friends. It softened my hands and feet also.
    Ingrid S. - 5. Jan 08
  • I started to use MAIGA Shea Butter and olive oil hair product on Nov. 8. For my hair. I've noticed a differenc, it does promote strong, healthy hair and shine. I'm biracial and have really curly wavy hair, it works on my hair so well, and I know it will work on other hair types. P.S. It does help my hair to grow well.
    Nika C. - 28. Nov 08
  • I'm 62 years old and it fixed the cracks in my fingers at the sides and my nails.
    11. Jan 08
  • I have been using MAIGA Shea Butter for 3 months now. I have got rid of all my synthetic moisturizers, creams and oils. And now exclusively only use MAIGA Shea Butter. I have given bottles of it to  family & friends, and they all love it! I had an ankle problem. The doctor gave me an ulstrasound etc to find the cause of my ankle pain. Nothing was discovered. Maiga recommended I rub shea butter on it 2 times a day and within a matter of days the pain subsided and within a week disappeared. WOW, I was in disbelief. Great Product. A Customer for life!
    Ann M. - 1. Feb 08
  • Thank you so much for making MAIGA Shea Butter! I put it on partially healed cuts and they heal up VERY QUICKLY. It's also wonderful for my hands - much better than hand lotion, which only moisturizes - MAIGA Shea Butter replenishes my skin and makes it soft and healthy. I keep coming back for more, so please stay at the St. Lawrence Market! Thank you!
    Alyssa P. - 23. May 08


  • I had a bad burn on my arm and within a week I have seen great results using the butter. It's fantastic!
    11. Jul 08
  • MAIGA Shea Butter is very good - it heals my granddaughters skin very well. I find this product is natural and very good.
    26. Sep 08
  • As a Librarian my fingers dry and get painful cracks. After trying many things my daughter gave me her MAIGA shea butter and it cured overnight. Relief!
    10. Oct 08
  • I was so sceptical at First when I heard of this, but I have a genetic disorder called Keratosis pilaris and nothing has worked to remove the rash. I tried MAIGA Shea Butter for 3 days and I saw such a difference in my skin. I love it now and wouldn't use anything else.
    Lisa RPN - 4. Dec 08
  • For diabetics - nothing will heal up nicks, scratches & cuts better than MAIGA Pure Shea Butter - over night there is a remarkable improvement. Nothing is better!
    18. Jan 09
  • MAIGA Pure Shea Butter helped with my chapped skin during the winter months and it is also great for muscle aches! Thank you.
    12. Jan 08
  • I came across your product at the St Lawrence Market in Toronto this summer. I bought a jar of pure shea butter for my infant son who has eczema. I would love to order one or two more jars-- your prices are fantastic and the cream worked so well on him!
    Yolisa - 15. Oct 08
  • Hello! I bought some MAIGA shea butter from you a few months ago for my now seven month old daughter because she had eczema - the cream seems to have really helped.
    Javed - 7. Oct 08
  • My family and I have been using "MAIGA Shea Butter with Aloe" for over a year now. My son has been using it on his knees and ellbows for dry skin, and my husband uses it for eczema. I use it occasionally for dry chapped skin and lips. It is a wonderful Product!!
    Lee - 5. Jan 08
  • This cream really helped the cuts on my hands from eczema. It made my hands much better. Thanks
    Jason - 12. Jan 08
  • Great for rough heels. My brother also uses it for his eczema, which causes very dry cracked skin.
    12. Jan 08
  • I have eczema in many places, but my hands most awfully. Using MAIGA Pure Shea Butter each night - with white cotton gloves - has eliminated the eczema completely from my hands.
    Judith A. - 13. Jan 08
  • I bought a jar of MAIGA Shea Butter for my baby who was suffering from an eczema-like rash. In about one week the rash wascompletely gone and has not returned. An excellent product.
    16. Jan 08
  • MAIGA Shea Butter is great for eczema and acne, great product. Has controlled my sons eczema.
    Stefanie M. - 19. Jan 08
  • MAIGA Shea Butter helps relieve the itch and eczema. It has made the redness fade. I highly recommend it for use.
    19. Jan 08
  • Wonderful for my friends eczema: It works!
    19. Jan 08
  • My nephew in Hermay has terrible eczema. We brought him the all natural MAIGA Shea butter and it's the only thing he likes on his hands and it's very healing.
    26. Jan 08
  • Thank you, it has helped my eczema!
    11. Feb 08
  • MAIGA Shea Butter definitely works for eczema - I have tried it.
    Florie D. - 15. Feb 08
  • Stopped the burning and cracking of my feet and hands from eczema. Feels great on face and hands.
    Brenda - 15. Feb 08
  • MAIGA Pure shea butter cleared up my babies eczema completely. I used it on my hair and breaking stopped instantly.
    Sileen & Dayton - 16. Aug 08
  • MAIGA Pure Shea Butter cleared up my sons extreme eczema on his arms in 4 days. Excellent product.
    Lisa - 11. Sep 08
  • MAIGA Pure Shea Butter cleared up my eczema and made my skin great!
    E. M. - 26. Oct 08
  • I use the MAIGA Shea butter you sold me. It has done a great deal to relieve my eczema. I'm a big fan!
    4. Nov 08
  • I liked the MAIGA Shea Butter and it worked wonders. No more itch. Relieves immediately on the eczema.
    18. Jan 09
  • Using for psoriasis. Allthough it can't heal the disease, it makes it feel soothed.
    Athena - 8. Jan 08
  • I started to use "MAIGA Pure Shea Butter" cream 2 weeks ago, and it seems working well. I have scalp psoriasis since 2002 and I tried a lot of medications, but unfortunately no success. All I can say, honestly this cream it's really working on my skin and I believe I will continue to use it hopefully to treat my problem. I recommend very strongly to those who suffer from scalp psoriasis to try and use it because positive results will show. I also recommend it for body psoriasis and otther. Thank you.
    Mike C. - 21. Nov 08
  • The MAIGA Shea Butter has softened the hardened skin on my feet. My skin is now soft and smooth. I do not feel the dryness anymore. I put MAIGA Shea Butter on my face every day and my skin is without blemishes. My face has a glow to it. I appreciate having MAIGA Shea Butter in my life. Thank you.
    Rives H. - 5. Jan 08
  • I have been using "MAIGA Shea Butter" for about 6 months now. I have very dry skin and use it daily on my body as well as my face. It has amazing healing qualities and quickly heals blemishes. All of my friends who have tried it love it. One friend found that it healed burn marks!
    Sandi F. - 5. Jan 08
  • I'm buying the Pure Shea "MAIGA Pure Shea Butter" for my daughters acne. She has been using it since about the end of November '07 It really helps: Less spots, less redness. Give it a try!
    Esther P. - 12. Jan 08
  • My son has go acne and the MAIGA Shea butter we bought here helped a lot. Check out the Wikipedia entry on shea butter on the internet as well.
    Dorie - 23. May 08
  • I LOOOVE this product!! It's changed my skin. Spots, pimples and skin texture have all improved!! I'm a fan for life!!
    6. Jul 08
  • My aunt used the natural MAIGA Pure Shea butter for 1 month and a half. It removed spots, blemishes and impurities of her skin.
    Karla - 5. Oct 08
  • My name is Dorothy. I went to the St. Lawrence Market to find Maiga to get some MAIGA Shea Butter, but I couldn't find him. One day, I came to Gerrard Square Mall and I saw the grentleman that I was looking for. I told him about my problem with acne. He also advised me to buy some facial cleanser and the shea butter. I read the testimonials of other people, so I decided to get the product. As soon as I went home, I took a picture of my acnes. I saw the change within two weeks. I took the second picture, and also a big change. I wold like to thank you for giving me my beauty back. It's a great product. Thank you again and again.
    Dorothy - 11. Dec 08
  • I had been using many products to treat my acne, but recently nothing seemed to work. My sister picked up some MAIGA Shea Butter for me to try, and I love it! Nothing has helped heal my acne the way MAIGA Shea Butter has.
    18. Jan 09
  • Maiga promised me I would not get one stretch mark with his product while pregnant! He was right! I am back today for repurchase and I recommend it to all pregnant women. This stuff is the best for your skin & it's natural and no chemicals go into your body. Thank you.
    1. Nov 08
  • Marks, scars, all gone!! And it leaves the skin sooooo soft… Unbelieveable!!
    18. Jan 09
  • I've been using MAIGA Shea Butter as a moisturizer for my entire body, including my face. I have very dry skin and it’s the only thing that works for me. It's a great wrinkle reducer, especially in the winter months.
    Midge - 5. Jan 08
  • I use MAIGA Pure Shea Butter and I love it. I already noticed fine lines are disappearing. I highly recommend this product and I will keep using it. Also I noticed it removed my pimples.
    Mary C. - 11. Feb 08
  • MAIGA Shea butter works great on premature wrinkles. Smells very natural too!
    Mary - 29. May 08

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